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Formula adecuada para construir programas de viajes

Value proposal

InCTSwe believe that the balance between atop notch service, thetechnologyand theadaptationconstant is the proper formula forbuild travel programsof efficient businesses, that is the basic premise of our value proposition.

Equipo 100% dedicado a viajes de negocios

Team 100% dedicated to business trips

Emergency service 24/7/365

Self-management tools

Specialized team for events, groups and incentive trips through ONTEMPO 

Vanguardia en tecnología
Technological Vanguard

CTS has a team of professionals who guarantee that each of the strategic points in the technological platforms work and develop in a timely manner.

Gestión de viajes
Key Account Management

A strategic ally that will help you take your business travel program to the next level


  • periodic presentation of results

  • Management and administration of agreements

  • Detection of savings opportunity areas

  • Constant service evaluation

  • custom reports

  • Comprehensive development of the travel program

Control de calidad
Quality Assurance

A specialized team dedicated to guaranteeing that the implementation and quality assurance processes flow while being focused on guaranteeing the optimal operation of the travel program.


  • Monitoring of service levels

  • Online quality surveys

  • Creation and execution of action plans for continuous improvement

Quality Assurance
Reporte y equipo administrativo especializado
Administrative Efficiency
  • Specialized administrative team

  •  Flexible technology and processes for billing

  • Billing platform that includes CFDIS recovery from airlines

  • Reconciliations in specialized forms of payment

  • Transparent and reliable administrative reports

  • Follow up on refunds

  • Unused ticket report

Eficencia Administrativa
Inteligencia de comportamiento de viajes
Value Data
  • Delivery of monthly reports with great information detail

  • Ability to generate custom reports

  •  Strategic and online reporting tool BTI Essentials

  •  Strategic Dashboards

  • Report and follow-up of unused tickets

Datos de valor
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