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Tecnología de vanguardia

CTS technology

our technologyadapts to specific needs, as well as atunique features of each travel program, CTS understands the importance of our services being supported by technological developments that allow us to provide solutions andpresent improvements in the administration of business trips.


CTS has ateam of professionals that guarantee that each of the strategic pointson technological platforms work and develop in a timely manner.

Plataformas tecnológicas para la gestión de viajes
Online Booking Tool

CTS puts at your disposal technological platforms for the management of online reservations with direct and immediate connection to the information of the providers. The use of these platforms allows us to optimize time, simplify processes, manage agreements, presenting savings and continuous improvements to our clients.


Ideal to meet the objective, operational and approval flow, our online tools adapt to specific needs, as well as the characteristics of each travel program.

Reporte de Inteligencia del Comportamiento de viajes

The Oracle ERP and BI that we have, manage the complete information of the travel program automatically with any daily, monthly, annual or historical periodicity. Having the ability to transmit data to third-party systems with flexible layouts or send emails automatically with reports in PDF and XLS formats.

Our reports concentrate executive or detailed information according to the requirements, from the simplest trip registration, to the intelligent calculation of savings.

Inteligencia del comportamiento de viajes
Business Travel Insights

It gives users the ability to manage goals, maximize ROI, explore custom analytics, manage vendors, and perform benchmarking with BTI Essentials' extensive database.

Aplicación para viajeros

An app that equips travelers with everything they need for their next trip. From crucial details provided by your travel agent to helpful services that ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience, the app has it all.

Quality Assurance
Plataforma de gestión de documentos
CTS Keeper

Our electronic document management platform for clients, suppliers and consultants, automates the recovery and consolidation of CFDIs from airlines, making a flexible billing process, the correct administration and reconciliation of the billing generated by CTS towards our companies._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Automatically request and collect CFDIs for air tickets from IATA and Low Cost airlines purchased from CTS through direct interfaces that we have developed with the different PACS of the airlines.

Eficencia Administrativa
Duty of Care
Duty of Care: CARE

CARE is powerful assistance and innovative technology to keep your travelers up to date and tracked around the world. It combines  pre-trip risk warnings, global alerts, an  interactive traveler dashboard, and can be integrated with the Connect app.

Datos de valor
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